All My Love
Words & Music by Mike Maimone
Featuring Jodi Rosenthal of Lying Delilah
(c) 2005

She's my baby with the blackberry hair
often catch her with a far away stare
I say "Baby, what's so special out there,
won't you come down to earth with me?

"Hey there Mike, you ought to give it a try.
You're too serious most of the time.
Hold my hand, you know, and show me that smile,
won't you come out to space with me?"

Whoa - people say we both gone crazy
Whoa - we just lie in bed for days and days
and oh - (s)he's got all I lack
I give'er all my love
she's givin' it back

There's candle light in your crystal eyes
I wanna stay up here and watch the sun rise
So comfortable now with our clothes cast aside
I wanna come out to space and see

I gotta tell you, baby, how much you mean.
You came into my life and then you changed everything
you're the reason why I reach for my dream
so won't you come out to space with me.


from Open Mic Nights, Empty Bottle Mornings, released September 15, 2008
Featuring Jodi Rosenthal on vocals (lyingdelilah.com)


all rights reserved